GPS Waypoints & POIs (northern Argentina & Chile)

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camping icon Gualeguaychu, campsite “Costa Alegre”: A free night in a closed – we were off season – campsite (Costa Alegre). There was electricity and running water. No internet. (Apr ’15) gps: -33.00161, -58.49547

hotel icon Concordia, municipal sport center: Another free night in the municipal sport center. We had our own room, electricity, drinking water, clean toilets with hot water, and kitchen facilities. No internet. (Apr ’15) gps: -31.37396, -58.00475

camping icon Yapeyu, campsite: Nice quiet campsite, with nice view, just in front of the river. Price: 25 pesos per person, clean bathrooms with hot water. No internet. (Apr ’15) gps: -29.47714, -56.81754

camping icon Santo Tome, campsite: Free night in the municipal campsite (if you can call it so). No toilets (broken) but few barbecue facilities. No running water and of course no internet. (Apr ’15) gps: -28.54587, -56.02941

camping icon Puerto Iguazu, campsite “Agreste Costa Ramon”: Very nice but also very expensive campsite (Agreste Costa Ramon), 5 kilometers away from the city center. There was internet, hot and drinkable water, electricity and kitchen facilities. There were also lots of mosquitoes. Price: 100 pesos per person. (Apr ’15) gps: -25.61978, -54.59413

 Buenos Aires. pizzeria “La Mezzeta”: if you are searching for a huge slice of tasty and reasonably priced pizza, then you must visit this place! Since 1939! (Apr ’15) gps: -34.57821, -58.46071

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hotel icon Buenos Aires. Hotel Bolivar: this was our home for more than a month. We rent a room with a double bed for only 1,440 pesos per person per month! Good – clean shower / toilet (shared), well equipped shared kitchen. Not so quiet though, especially if you’re not so lucky and you get a room on the first floor, facing the street (hundreds of buses pass from this road during the hole day). Good internet connection. Best part of this hotel is that it’s located in San Telmo, the hurt of Buenos Aires. (Apr ’15) gps: -34.61826, -58.37287

Buenos Aires. Vespa and scooter garage “Motonetas Classicas Argentina”: here we did all the necessary maintenance to our scooter. Regular prices we’ d say and the guys seem to know what they are doing. gps: -34.66507, -58.5168

 Buenos Aires. Buffet – Chinese restaurant: if you are searching for ridiculously cheap food in San Telmo then you must visit these guys. They have a big variety of food. You pick what you want and you pay per kilo (70 pesos/kg)! gps: -34.616292, -58.371716

 Salta, Guillermo y Benjamin Laragione garage: This particular garage was suggested to us by another moto-traveler. He had been satisfied by the quality of the work and by the chargers. We followed his advice and went there to repair the front brake pump of the Vespa. We were also satisfied by their work and they charged us only 10euros (150ARS). (Jun ’15) gps: -24.795132, -65.424355

camping icon Salta, municipal campsite: Charges 15ARS per person and 20ARS per tent. Wifi (unfortunately, it worked only for the first day we were there), shower facilities – hot water, clean, toilets – clean, drinkable water, a place to wash clothes. Near to a supermarket, bakery, pharmacy etc. We spent here 5 days (it was a bit cold, but generally ok). The whole campsite and its facilities are old – don’t expect anything modern – but here you’ll have a great opportunity to meet many travelers and overlanders. Also, have in mind, that on Friday and Saturday night, it gets a bit noisy because of some “discoteca” (club) which is close to it. Additional info on charges: 10ARS for children, 20ARS for cars, 31ARs for trucks and 550ARS to rent a room (cabana). (Jun ’15) gps: -24.81275, -65.41937

wild camping icom Calilegua National Park: Wild-camp, no charge. No electricity, and when we got there (there was no one else), the water was off due to security reasons. The guard (who comes every morning and leaves by noon), noticed us the next morning and unsealed the tabs. Toilets, relatively clean under the condition there is running water. Benches and barbeque facilities in the area. NO place for supplies (food or drinkable water) for many kilometers. Nice and quiet place with walking trails and opportunity for various activities (trekking etc). (Jun ’15) gps: -23.7622, -64.85125

wild camping icom Ibarreta, YPF gas station: In Argentina you can pitch your tent and spend the night at almost all YPF gas stations. This one (YPF) was in a very quiet spot, it had a mini market (24 hours), WI-FI internet connection, and of course toilets (unfortunately no shower). (Jun ’15) gps: -25.20446, -59.85105


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wild camping icom Ingeniero Guillermo N. Juarez, YPS gas station: In Argentina you can pitch your tent and spend the night at almost all YPF gas stations. This one (YPF) was located in a beautiful and quiet spot, there was a 24-hour mini market for the very necessary things and your morning coffee (breakfast or snacks) and the tab water was drinkable. There were toilets of course, and shower facilities although with no running water (I had to use a plastic bottle to take a “shower”). There was WI-FI internet connection. (Jun ’15) gps: -23.904318, -61.842045

wild camping icom Embarcacion, YPF gas station: In Argentina you can pitch your tent and spend the night at almost all YPF gas stations. This one (YPF) wasn’t in the most quiet and clean spot. It was crowded with many trucks (lots of dust and…”girls”), but it had very clean toilets and showers with hot water. There was a 24-hour mini market (coffee, breakfast or snacks), and very good internet connection (WI-FI). (Jun ’15) gps: -23.19639, -64.08885

camping icon Purmamarca, campsite/hostel “La Reliquia”: 50ARS per person to camp in your tent. Nice, quiet, clean. Shower/toilet facilities – hot water, drinkable tab water, electricity, NO internet (we “stole” some wi-fi from a neighbor, though). (Jun ’15) gps: -23.744734, -65.500404

wild camping icom Susques, free camping next to the gas station: We spent the night at the gas station of the village Susques, just next to the wall so that the cold wind wouldn’t hit us. The weather forecast was harsh: -10°C! The next morning we found all our fresh food and water completely frozen! Clean toilets, no internet, no drinkable water, no mini market, so bring your own stuff. (Jun ’15) gps: -23.42299, -66.38377

hotel icon Jama, some rooms for renting next to the YPF gas station: Some 500m before the border between Argentina and Chile, there is one last gas station (Arg.) with some rooms to spend the night, just next to it. Seemed completely new, in very good condition, clean and very quiet. We shared one room with another traveler we met and paid 11ARS per person (breakfast included). The rooms had heat, private bathroom-shower with hot water. The tab water was drinkable. Just next to it, there was a mini-market, with a cafeteria (NO wifi). * Tip: if you are 3, ask for a double room! Double rooms have one double and one single bed inside and even if there are 3 persons, the charge remains the same! (Jun ’15) gps: -23.23828, -67.01927

 Jama, money exchange: You can change currency (ARS, CHP) just before you enter Chile. The rate is not the best you can find in the market, but it is negotiable. (Jun ’15) gps: -23.23717, -67.02005

 Jama, border control: In Chile, there is a strict rule about importing specific types of goods/products. Click HERE to read more info, according to the official leaflet. In our case, after a full investigation to all our luggage, we lost an unsealed jar with honey (we had to unpack all of our bags). (Jun ’15) gps:-23.23685, -67.02309

camping icon San Pedro de Atacama, hostel/campsite “Esencia del Desierto”: We camped here for 3 nights. It was the cheapest place we found. 4,000CHP per person in tent, 5,000CHP per person in a dorm (6-bed), 25,000CHP for a double room. Clean, shared bathroom (hot water) – NOT drinkable, generally in San Pedro, wifi, shared kitchen with fridge. To use the stove, there is an extra charge of 1,500CHP. Laundry for 1,500CHP per kilo. (Jun ’15) gps: -22.915554, -68.19403

 San Pedro de Atacama, cheap food: “Tchiuchi” was the only place to get a cheap meal. It serves only french fries and roasted chicken – and some refreshments. A meal for two, which consists of half a chicken and a huge portion of french fries, costs 4,300CHP. (Jun ’15) gps: -22.911417, -68.19988

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